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4" Diamond Blade Glass Series - Professional-Grade Cutting Tool for Glass and Tile

4" Diamond Blade Glass Series - Professional-Grade Cutting Tool for Glass and Tile

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Enjoy accurate cuts with the QEP® Glass Tile Diamond Blades for wet and dry cutting. These blades feature a 7 mm continuous rim with a diamond-coated cutting edge for clean cuts in glass tile.

Key Features:

  • Precision Cutting: The Diamond Blade Glass Series features a high-quality diamond rim that ensures clean, precise, and chip-free cuts in glass, ceramic, porcelain, and tile materials, reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.
  • Versatile Use: This blade is suitable for use with wet tile saws, angle grinders, and other cutting tools, making it a versatile solution for various cutting applications in residential and commercial settings.
  • Durable Construction: With its durable steel core and premium diamond particles, this blade offers long-lasting performance and durability, even in demanding cutting tasks.
  • Smooth Operation: The smooth and efficient cutting action of this blade minimizes heat buildup and friction, reducing the risk of chipping or cracking during cutting.
  • Easy to Install: Designed for easy installation on compatible cutting tools, this blade can be quickly and securely mounted, allowing for seamless operation and hassle-free cutting.

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Introducing the 4" Diamond Blade Glass Series, the ultimate cutting tool for precision cutting of glass, ceramic, porcelain, and tile materials. Engineered with premium diamond particles, this professional-grade blade delivers exceptional performance, durability, and precision, making it ideal for contractors, tile installers, and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you're working on a small-scale home project or a large commercial installation, trust the Diamond Blade Glass Series to deliver flawless cuts and professional-quality results every time.

-Designed for wet or dry cutting glass tile

-Steel blade with 7 mm, diamond-coated high-rim for a cleaner cut


Product Type: Diamond Blade
Blade Diameter: 4 inches
Arbor Size: Standard size for compatibility with most cutting tools
Material: High-quality diamond particles for precision cutting
Usage: Suitable for wet cutting applications


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