Choosing The Right Flooring Style

Choosing the right flooring style for your home can significantly impact its aesthetics, comfort, and value. With options like luxury vinyl plank (LVP), laminate, and engineered hardwood flooring, homeowners have a variety of choices to suit different tastes, budgets, and functional needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding the Options

  1. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

    • Material and Construction: Made from multiple layers of PVC vinyl, LVP mimics the look of natural wood or stone.
    • Durability: Highly resistant to moisture, scratches, and stains. Ideal for high-traffic areas and households with pets or children.
    • Maintenance: Easy to clean with regular sweeping and occasional mopping. No need for special treatments.
    • Installation: DIY-friendly with click-and-lock systems. Can be installed over most existing floors.
    • Cost: Generally more affordable than hardwood, with a wide range of prices depending on quality and brand.
  2. Laminate Flooring

    • Material and Construction: Composed of a high-density fiberboard (HDF) core with a photographic layer that simulates wood, stone, or tile, topped with a clear protective layer.
    • Durability: Resistant to scratches and wear, though less so to moisture compared to LVP. Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and other dry areas.
    • Maintenance: Low maintenance, but care should be taken to avoid water damage. Regular sweeping and damp mopping suffice.
    • Installation: Easy to install with a click-and-lock system, making it a popular choice for DIY projects.
    • Cost: Generally more affordable than engineered hardwood, with pricing similar to or slightly lower than LVP.
  3. Engineered Hardwood

    • Material and Construction: Made of a real hardwood veneer on top of a plywood or high-density fiberboard core. Combines the beauty of natural wood with improved stability.
    • Durability: More resistant to moisture and temperature changes than solid hardwood. Can be sanded and refinished, although fewer times than solid wood.
    • Maintenance: Requires regular cleaning and occasional refinishing to maintain its appearance. Sensitive to excessive moisture.
    • Installation: Can be installed via nail-down, glue-down, or floating methods. Professional installation is often recommended.
    • Cost: Generally more expensive than LVP and laminate, but less than solid hardwood. Prices vary based on wood species and quality.

Key Considerations When Choosing Your Flooring

  1. Room Usage and Traffic

    • For high-traffic areas like hallways and kitchens, durability is crucial. LVP is an excellent choice due to its resistance to wear and moisture.
    • In bedrooms and living areas, where comfort and aesthetic appeal are paramount, laminate and engineered hardwood are great options.
  2. Moisture Levels

    • For bathrooms, basements, and kitchens, LVP’s superior moisture resistance makes it the best choice.
    • Avoid using laminate and engineered hardwood in areas prone to excessive moisture unless they have adequate waterproofing.
  3. Aesthetic Preferences

    • If you desire the authentic look and feel of real wood, engineered hardwood is the closest match.
    • LVP and laminate offer a variety of designs and can replicate the look of wood, stone, or tile, providing flexibility in design choices.
  4. Budget

    • For budget-conscious renovations, laminate and LVP are generally more affordable and offer good value for money.
    • Engineered hardwood, while more expensive, can add significant value to your home and offer a luxurious finish.
  5. Installation

    • DIY enthusiasts may prefer LVP or laminate due to their straightforward installation methods.
    • Engineered hardwood, while possible to install as a DIY project, often benefits from professional installation to ensure the best results.
  6. Maintenance and Longevity

    • Consider the long-term maintenance requirements. LVP and laminate are low-maintenance, while engineered hardwood requires more care but offers the potential for refinishing to extend its lifespan.


Choosing the right flooring involves balancing your aesthetic desires with practical considerations like durability, maintenance, and budget. Luxury vinyl plank, laminate, and engineered hardwood each have their strengths and can meet different needs depending on the room and your lifestyle. By carefully assessing your requirements and preferences, you can select a flooring style that enhances your home's beauty and functionality for years to come.

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